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Euclid Mathematics Contest 2022

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Euclid Mathematics Contest 2022 is coming in April!

TAIE Students will take the test on our main campus in Toronto, Canada, and our Overseas OSSD Centres in their home countries.

This year, Euclid Mathematics Contest will take place on April 6, students will be challenged to solve problems in geometry, algebra, and trigonometry. Prizes will be awarded to the top students in each grade level. The contest's mix of short-answer and full-solution questions challenge students to practise communicating their thinking, and with the final questions some of the most challenging among all of our contests, the Euclid helps learners build perseverance, a key component of mathematical problem-solving.

Please consult the school or the guidance counsellors at the OSSD centres for more details.

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