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English Learning Centre


Language Learning.

At your pace.

TAIE offers 5 levels of English as a Second Language Courses - Depending on your unique needs and goals.

Start where you are, move when you're ready.

Each student arrives in Canada with different language needs - our team recognizes this and is fully equipped and prepared to guide you seamlessly through the exciting process of learning English as a second language. 

When you arrive on our campus for the first time, you'll receive a placement test to determine your level of English proficiency - this test will measure skills in listening, speaking, writing, and reading. Depending on your test results, you will be placed by our highly trained Education Administrator into one of the following classes:

  • ESLAO - Level 1

  • ESLBO - Level 2

  • ESLCO - Level 3

  • ESLDO - Level 4

  • ESLEO - Level 5

Your placement will allow you to receive the best possible instruction in the level that will best suit your language needs. Once completed, you'll move through to the next level and eventually, on to English for Academic Purposes (EAP) courses.


There's never a dull moment inside our classrooms. Teachers are constantly creating class challenges, taking students on field trips, and finding new ways to keep class time exciting and engaging.


Each student receives the tailored care they need - personalized tutoring services and additional language support is offered to every ESL student for no additional charge.


Students are placed into an environment of total English learning - it's weaved into our curriculum to ensure students are constantly practicing their English skills - even outside of the classroom.


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