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Your Everything Centre.

TAIE offers extended support when applying to university through organising informative seminars for graduating students given by representatives of all the major Canadian universities and prestigious universities from the USA and UK. Our seminars are organised by our university counselor and held in our dedicated assembly hall. These seminars allow students to get a deeper insight into the universities they are considering applying to. For students who are interested in studying courses such as architecture, fine arts or any subject which may require a portfolio, TAIE is proud to organise portfolio workshops with universities such as OCAD, University of Alberta and Toronto Film School throughout the year. 


Student Residence

TAIE International Institute is your home away from home: At TAIE we are happy to offer a variety of residence options, including a school residence with school bus and meal plan options, three luxurious off-campus university residences and of course, home stay options. All of our accommodation options are managed by a dedicated school administration team who ensure that our student’s security and happiness are taken care of at all times.

Extra-curricular Activities 

At TAIE we have acknowledged the importance of the city as an extension of the classroom and with that in mind, we are happy to organise multiple after school activities a month from movie nights to museum expeditions. At TAIE you are guaranteed one large excursion a month, our previous excursions include a trip to Niagara Falls, a camping weekend in Algonquin Park and a private maple syrup tour in Northern Ontario. A student account is created at registration, this account is used to pay for these activities and outings and to ensure that every student has the option to take part.

Academic Guidance Counselling

Our specialized academic counselling service works with students from their arrival at TAIE and ensures that the student always comes first. We believe that allowing students the opportunity to work with a counselor to create the ideal study plan fosters self-confidence and improved results. The counselling team works directly with teachers and faculty and closely follows each student's growth. 
Carry-On Suitcase

Airport Pickup

When new students arrive at Toronto Pearson International Airport, a TAIE International Institute staff member will greet them in arrivals. There is a minimal fee for this service. Students should provide the school with at least one week’s notice to avail of this service and provide complete flight details upon booking. The staff member will take the student directly to their new residence or home stay and ensure they feel safe and welcomed in their new home.

Food Service

Our school-owned and professionally staffed restaurant located on the first floor of our Manson Tower residence building provides three meals a day, seven days a week to our boarding students. We are proud to offer a multi-cultural menu every day, featuring traditional Canadian choices accompanied by food from all corners of the world. TAIE is committed to providing a healthy balanced diet to our students whilst ensuring that students with dietary requirements due to religion or allergy are accommodated at each meal.
*Homestay meals are provided by the homestay family.
**Students staying in the Parkside and Campus One residence will eat the food provided by the cafeteria in their residence building, both residences offer to-go lunch options also.

Student Clubs

At TAIE we offer clubs, sports and activities based on our current student population’s interests. Currently, we have a variety of clubs available from soccer club to communications club. Our list of clubs is constantly being updated, for more information please speak with our student clubs and activities coordinator.

University Counselling

At TAIE International Institute our University counsellor works with students from grades 9-12 in order to assist them as they search for prospective universities and careers in a diverse range of countries. TAIE understands the differing needs of students applying to different countries and is familiar with the different application deadlines and requirements and is well-equipped to help. Our alumni have gone on to study in colleges and universities in countries worldwide. It is our promise to help match the student’s own hopes, interests and talents with the optimal college or university choice. Guidance is offered throughout the entire application process. In addition to individual and group guidance sessions, TAIE students have access to an abundance of university-planning resources as well as university-related activities both inside and outside of the TAIE campus.

Visas and Study Permits

TAIE has the ability to provide specialised immigration assistance to future and current students. Our qualified immigration support team can provide guidance through the entire application process and help you secure your study permit for both High School and University.


TAIE’s school bus service is a two-way bus service that picks up students before school and drops them back to the dormitory after class ends each evening. The bus service runs on a regular schedule and ensures our students timely and safe arrival at school each day. The school bus service is only available to those students who choose to live at our Manson Towers Dormitory.

Additional Language Support

We understand that not every student has the ability to learn at the same pace or level as his or her classmates. With that in mind, TAIE has implemented a special support program run by a dedicated language support coordinator. Our coordinator offers both individual and small group assistance  focusing on the particular language issues which the students are weak in. In order to avail of this extra free service, students must be referred by guidance or request the extra help themselves. 


TAIE offers a very reasonable, all-inclusive fee for custodianship of its students that are under the age of 18. To avail of this service and use TAIE as your custodian, the student must either stay in one of our residences or stay in one of our TAIE approved home stays. (These homestays have been carefully vetted by TAIE and are a reasonable distance from our campus).

IT Support

TAIE’s campus and residence offer an enhanced free WIFI service, designed to meet the needs of students, staff, guests and public visitors. Our IT service desk is located in an office on the 4th floor of the campus building and is available to answer all IT related queries through email, phone call or in-person.

Services at TAIE

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