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We offer a variety of courses for a wide range of different goals. Our Academic Guidance Counsellors will be happy to assist you in choosing the best path to take in order to gain admission into your dream university. 


Offered every semester

Science courses are widely available to TAIE students. We are proud to offer an array of different courses within the scope of biology, chemistry and general science - all taught by our highly educated instructors who are trained specifically in the sciences.

  • Chemistry 11 & 12

  • Physics 11 & 12

  • Science 10

  • Biology 11 & 12


Offered every semester

TAIE's Mathematics programs are conducive for students looking to move on to post-secondary education in Actuarial Science, Applied Mathematics, and other Math majors. The following courses are offered in varying grade levels, from 9-12:

  • Functions & Relations

  • Principles of Math

  • Advanced Functions

  • Mathematics of Data Management

  • Calculus & Vectors


Offered every semester

English courses are an imperative to gain entrance into any Canadian university. TAIE's English for Academic Purposes (EAP) courses are highly tailored to ensure students receive the best English education in Ontario.

  • English 10

  • English 11

  • English 12

  • Presentation and Speaking Skills               

Computer Science

Offered 5 semesters per year

Computer Science is a path some students choose to pursue after graduating from high school. Our courses provide a solid foundation in the study of Computer Science.

  • Introduction to Computer Science 11

  • Computer Science 12


Offered every semester

We offer Business courses from grade 10-12. Students looking to enrol in Business degree programs such as Business Administration, Management, Marketing, or Economics will benefit greatly from these courses.

  • International Business Fundamentals

  • Introduction to Business

  • Financial Accounting Fundamentals

  • Financial Accounting Principals

  • Information and Communication Technology in Business

Social Studies

Offered 5 semesters per year

A large part of Canadian education is ensuring students are familiar with Canadian government dynamics and  our country's rich history. 

  • Civics and Careers

  • Canadian History Since World War I

  • Canada: History, Identity & Culture

  • Understanding Canadian Law

  • Analyzing Current Economic Issues

Health & Family

Offered 3 semesters per year

Our Health and Family courses provide students with a strong basis in nutrition and Canadian family dynamics.

  • Families in Canada

  • Health and Nutrition

  • Exploring Family Studies                                 


Offered 3 semesters per year

Courses in Humanities are offered regularly and crucial to the development of a well-rounded high school education.

  • World Religion & Belief Traditions, Issues & Challenges

  • Philosophy: Questions and Theories

  • Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology & Sociology

  • Philosophy: The Big Questions


Offered 2 semesters per year

Our Geography courses include both world and Canadian geography, and are taught with interactive spin on classroom dynamics.

  • World Issues: a Geographic Analysis

  • Travel and Tourism: A Geographic Perspective                                                     


Offered 3 semesters per year

TAIE's Drama courses are interactive and provide students with a firm grasp on the art of theatre. Students who choose to take these courses will learn stage performance and directing. They hold a capstone performance for the entire student body at the end of the semester.

  • Drama 11

  • Drama 12


Offered 2 semesters per year

Media courses are beneficial for students who plan to move on to pursue Communications or Media Studies in university. Our instructors for these courses are specifically trained in the field of Media studies.

  • Media Arts 10

  • Media Arts 11                                             

Visual Arts

Offered every semester

Some of our students aspire to pursue a career in the Arts - our Visual Art courses are an excellent elective for students who want to move on to other fields of education in the future, or for students who want to hone their abilities in the Arts.

  • Visual Arts 11

  • Visual Arts 12                                                 


Offered 4 semesters per year

Many of our students receive formal training in Music education. Some students choose to pursue Music further on in their educational path, and some choose to use these courses as fun and challenging electives. 

  • Music 11

  • Music 12                                                          


Offered 2 semesters per year

Additional language courses may be necessary for certain students looking to receive their OSSD.

  • French

  • Mandarin

  • Korean

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