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Meal Plans

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Balanced and delicious.

Meal plans will vary depending on your chosen residence, each food service option provides students with a nutritional and tasty variety of options on a daily basis - 3 meals per day.

TAIE Meal Plan

Our professionally staffed restaurant provides three meals a day, seven days a week to our boarding students. We are proud to offer a multicultural menu every day, featuring traditional Canadian choices accompanied by food from all corners of the world. TAIE is committed to providing a healthy balanced diet to our students whilst ensuring that students with dietary requirements due to religion or allergy are accommodated at each meal.

Parkside and Campus One Meal Plans

Students staying in the Parkside and Campus One residence will eat the food provided by the cafeteria in their residence building, both residences offer to-go lunch options also.

Please note homestay meals are provided by the homestay family.

*There are currently some alterations to meal plan scheduling due to current COVID-19 guidelines. Please speak directly to the school about these alterations and how they may affect your plans.


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