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University Counselling

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We'll help you blaze your own trail.

 Our dedicated university counsellor meets with each student regularly to support them with university and college planning and selection. By the end of grade 12, students find themselves confident, independent and in a fantastic position for success due to our help with maximizing all opportunities to distinguish themselves from students from other High Schools. TAIE graduates are empowered to succeed. 


At TAIE International Institute our University Counsellor works with students from grades 9-12 in order to assist them as they search for prospective universities and careers in a diverse range of countries. TAIE understands the differing needs of students applying to different countries and is familiar with the different application deadlines and requirements and is well-equipped to help. Our alumni have gone on to study in colleges and universities in countries worldwide. It is our promise to help match the student’s own hopes, interests and talents with the optimal college or university choice. Guidance is offered throughout the entire application process. In addition to individual and group guidance sessions, TAIE students have access to an abundance of university-planning resources as well as university-related activities both inside and outside of the TAIE campus.


Each student is different and has unique needs - we work hard to bring the most personalized experience possible.


TAIE's dedicated counsellor ensures students are slotted in for weekly check-ins.


We are always communicating with OUAC and university representatives to get the most current information to you.


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