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Communication about your child's progress.

Here at TAIE we understand the sacrifice that parents make when sending their child abroad to study. It is our responsibility and promise as a school to ensure that parents do not feel the need to worry about their child whilst they are studying abroad. Communication between TAIE and the parents of our students is essential to their success. To ensure that optimal levels of communication are maintained, our student tracking system is available via a portal on our website to all parents, 24/7. This portal will allow you to view your child’s academic progress at any time, from any country. If necessary, our guidance team is available via email or by phone appointment from Monday to Friday. TAIE encourages parents to come visit their children in Canada; we are happy to provide an invitation letter, airport pickup, and accommodation guidance if necessary. 

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TAIE Guidance Website
Our Guidance Team uses an online database to track your child's progress and study plans, as well as projected graduation dates and university information. If you would like access to this website, please fill out the form below.

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