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The Canadian Education System

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One of the best countries for academic achievement.

The Canadian Education System is regularly ranked number one in the world for international students. Canada’s education system does not have any centralised governance, instead the education system is the responsibility of each individual province. As a result of this there are some vast differences between education systems in each province.

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Sample Schedule at TAIE

(If student arrives for grade 12 in September)


A Word from the Principal

"Today, in our shrinking global community, English language education is in ever-increasing demand. Canada is not only a world leader in education but also, as a society, Canada has a reputation as an ideal country in which to live, grow, and plan a future. TAIE, after being inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education, was given the approval to grant Ontario Graduation Credits and award the Ontario Graduation Diploma to its graduating students. We are truly proud to offer the opportunity for international students, from around the world to come to Canada and immerse themselves in our comprehensive English based study programs, while also experiencing the true advantages which Canadian values provide. Successful Graduates of TAIE earn the Ontario Secondary School Graduation Diploma and with the assistance of our Guidance and Career Counselors, will have the opportunity for further studies in one of Canada's famed Universities."

- W.T. Hargreaves, TAIE Principal


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