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How do We Care for Your Child?

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They're in the best hands.

TAIE has over 60 highly qualified full-time faculty members designated specifically to assist and care for students. Each staff member understands the needs of students, and as a team, they aim to provide a safe and encouraging space for students to flourish. As a full-service boarding school, TAIE provides a comprehensive care system that guides students from the moment they arrive at the airport, to the day they graduate. Additionally, students have the option of returning for any additional assistance (such as references, transcripts, and immigration advice) after graduation.


Services We Provide

(Including, but not limited to)

Prior to Arrival

  • Residence and meal plan arrangement

  • Custodianship for minors

  • Welcome package

Upon Arrival

  • Airport pickup

  • Medical insurance

  • Admissions counselling

  • Banking, cellphone and bus card set up

During the Course of Study

  • University application guidance and individual assistance

  • One-on-one guidance counselling

  • Tailored study planning

  • Professional tutoring, peer tutoring, and additional support

  • Community Involvement guidance and placement

  • IELTS preparation and testing

  • General student services (assistance with travel arrangements, etc.)

  • Vast array of student clubs, events and outings

  • Study Permit and Visa extension

  • University seminars, fairs and campus tours

  • Medical emergency assistance and help with filing insurance claims


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