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Your child's path to success.

Our graduates have come from various different cultural and economic backgrounds. We have had students study all 4 years of high school at TAIE and students study only grade 12 at TAIE but all students no matter how long they study at TAIE, they leave equipped to achieve great things in life and are set up for a bright future.​

"TAIE is a very good international school for students and provides all-around services that has prepared my daughter to further her studies in Canada. I will absolutely recommend TAIE to international parents!" 

- Beverly Li, Hong Kong, parent

What Do Our Students Say?


Nil Nun

Cambodia - Chose Ryerson University

"One of the biggest reasons that I chose TAIE is because of the huge diversity of its student body. The community is so inclusive, you will fit right in and make amazing friends. I am extremely lucky to have been accepted to Ontario’s top schools like the University of Toronto, Ryerson University, York University etc. It wouldn’t have been possible without the quality teaching and support provided by TAIE. I will definitely miss the people at TAIE. They’re the most amazing people I have ever met and I’m glad to have had the pleasure of being a part of their academic journeys. I will also miss the staff, they’re like family to me."


Ida Tunga

Rwanda - Chose University of Ottawa

"TAIE is a school that no matter how strong or weak academically you are, they will support you through your academic journey. The fact that TAIE has three different academic and university counselors helps each student share their challenges, and in return, they are advised how they can work harder to achieve their desired goals which is not something I had with my previous school. I also love the different school activities that TAIE organizes for students to participate in and have fun every semester. It allows us to get to know each other and also help us relax during the weekend, whereas in my previous school it was strictly studying no other kind of entertainment."


Danylo Grechko

Ukraine - Chose University of Toronto

"What I really like about TAIE is that they have a very friendly atmosphere that lets you enjoy while you study and learn. It is very important for international students to be at an easy environment as they’re already going through a lot being away from home. Here you get the freedom to easily explore and get use to of the new city, country and the culture. The people at TAIE make you feel like you’re at home! I am excited and thrilled to be a part of the prestigious Rotman School of University of Toronto. Thanks to TAIE for making it possible for me to choose the right course and university.”


Yihan Yang 

China - Chose Western University

"TAIE International Institute is a diverse boarding high school with students from all over the globe. It’s a great place for international students to practice oral language skills and adapt to English learning and a new living environment. Another feature that I like is that every semester at TAIE lasts for two months, and during every semester, students only have two subjects, which means we have more time to focus on these subjects, so that there's less pressure and better opportunity for understanding. TAIE provided me many chances to practice my English and made me feel confident to express my ideas through a variety of activities and class assignments. In addition, a flexible learning environment at TAIE helped me to develop good learning habits to arrange my schedule carefully, which is really important for a future university student."


Minh Chau Phan 

Vietnam - Chose OCAD University

"One of the best things about the residence is its convenience; It’s accessible to almost everything that I need in my daily life, such as: the grocery, convenience store, many restaurants and etc. Additionally, living in a residence is a great chance to meet and make more friends. If this is your first time coming to Canada and you are worrying about making friends, I highly recommend choosing this. I have made a lot of friends here in TAIE. We usually help each other with our studying and sometimes, when there are some special occasions like our traditional festival or somebody’s birthday, we also hold a small and warming party to celebrate it together. I am lucky, I have been accepted to some universities like OCAD, Brock, Ryerson and Algoma, and I have chosen OCAD University as my destination to pursue my dream."

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