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Grad Spotlight - Eden Shin

Today we spotlight our excellent graduate, Jiwon Shin!

Jiwon is from Korea, and she started her journey at TAIE in April 2020. She has always been a diligent and hard-working student. Apart from her studies, she also participated in a variety of student activities. One of these was being a University Ambassador. She participated in all the meetings and university presentations, and she promoted these presentations. Through this position, Jiwon learned more about leadership and responsibility.

"TAIE offers various curricula and courses. There are lots of teachers who have passion, they want to learn from many nationalities, and want to communicate with international students." Jiwon commented on TAIE.

So far, Jiwon received offers from Queen's University, University of Toronto, McMaster University, Ryerson University and Carleton University.

Congratulations to Jiwon!

Find out what Jiwon says about TAIE:

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