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Award Winners of the CEMC Mathematics Contest

Congrats to all the award winners of the CEMC Mathematics Contest! You have all worked so hard, and we are proud of you all for your accomplishment!

The CSMC Maths Competition is a highly prestigious event and is an international mathematics competition founded by the University of Waterloo, a leader in mathematics, and has been in existence for over 50 years.

Not only do TAIE students participate in the contest on the main campus in Toronto, Canada, but they can also choose to do that in our Overseas OSSD centres in their own countries. This allows flexibility and capacity for students who wish to participate in the contest, but cannot come to Canada due to the travel restriction. Students in our main campus and all Overseas OSSD centres enjoy the same quality of training before the contest and are offered the same opportunity for grading and award.

Learn more about our school and our Overseas OSSD Centres in multiple cities in Asia, contact

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