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The University of Toronto's Exclusive Workshop for Us!

Yesterday afternoon, just before the end of the school day, a heavy rainstorm suddenly hit. Despite the strong winds, TAIE students were excited to make their way to the University of Toronto to take part in the Leadership Education & Academic Preparation Workshop, a collaborative program between our school and U of T.

This program aims to develop our students' leadership skills, critical thinking, and multidimensional perspectives, as well as prepare them academically for success at top universities. It's a goal that we've always prioritized at TAIE - providing a comprehensive education that equips our students to thrive in both their future studies and their future careers.

When arrived at the University of Toronto, our students were warmly welcomed by international program instructors. Each session lasts about three hours, during which students engage in open discussions, learn how to pose and answer thoughtful questions, and practice arguing, defending, and persuading others' ideas. They also learn how to identify and question assumptions about existing policies and arguments - skills and thought processes that will be incredibly useful in their future studies.

TAIE has always been dedicated to providing students with comprehensive learning resources, including highly qualified faculty, outstanding in-school courses, rich extracurricular activities, and partnerships with renowned universities like the University of Toronto. This not only helps students develop academically but also allows them to better understand Canadian culture and improve their language and social skills.

We provide comprehensive support and guidance to help our students achieve outstanding results in their future studies and careers.

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