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TAIE Students Shine as Volunteers at Sporting Life Run 10K

In the early hours, the grounds of the Sporting Life Run 10K were abuzz with energy, thanks to the remarkable contribution of TAIE students who volunteered for the event. Their commitment and enthusiasm were palpable as they diligently prepared and manned the water station, ensuring runners stayed hydrated throughout the race.

At TAIE, we recognize the importance of instilling values of community engagement and service in our students. Participating in events like the Sporting Life Run not only offers them practical experiences but also reinforces the significance of giving back to the community and supporting noble causes.

The students' involvement in this event exemplifies their dedication to making a positive impact beyond the classroom. By volunteering their time and effort, they not only contributed to the seamless execution of the run but also demonstrated their willingness to go above and beyond to support the community.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the TAIE students who volunteered at the Sporting Life Run 10K. Your exemplary spirit of service serves as an inspiration to us all. Let's continue to foster a culture of volunteerism and community engagement, making a difference wherever we go.

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