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TAIE Award of Excellence 2022

Congrats to the recipients of the University of Toronto - TAIE Award of Excellence 2022!

The University of Toronto-TAIE International Institute Excellence Scholarship is the University of Toronto's exclusive admissions scholarship for TAIE International Institute graduates. Each year, the University of Toronto evaluates the overall performance of each student applicant and selects 5-7 outstanding TAIE graduates to receive the scholarship.

TAIE International Institute is a leading international school in the heart of Toronto, Canada. With its freestanding campus of over 30,000 square feet and three World-class partnered student residences, TAIE is one of the largest boarding high schools in the downtown area.

For 24 years and counting, TAIE has committed to providing students from around the world with quality education, comprehensive care, and a safe and enriching boarding life, to prepare students to be successful in their higher education and for life.

Learn more about how we can help you achieve your academic goal, contact us today at

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