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Students Get Vaccinated

We truly are all in this together.

There are so many measures we've been taking as a community this past year in order to stop the spread - we've stayed at home, sanitized and washed our hands constantly, made sure to socially distance. These measures, though helpful, can only go so far in stopping COVID-19. The best thing we can do to #stopthespread is get vaccinated! And that's exactly what we've been doing. All Ontario residents ages 12 and above can make a vaccination appointment, and no OHIP card is needed!

TAIE has been actively encouraging students on campus to get vaccinated and we've been organizing vaccination trips for students. Our staff assists in making appointments and also makes sure students arrive safely at the vaccination site.

Once students arrive at the vaccination clinic, they line up single file and socially distanced, then they get asked screening questions by the nurses on-site - if they have any allergies or adverse reactions to medications. After they get their shot, students are asked to stay at the clinic for a minimum of 15 minutes to ensure that they react well to the vaccine.

Once students arrive back at their residence, our staff keeps in touch with them and makes sure they're doing ok. Some typical symptoms could be a sore arm, fatigue or a headache - these are normal and should only last a few days at most!

TAIE students - if you'd like to book a vaccine, send us an email today!

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